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Stan’s front sign has become a bit of a landmark in Boulder County, an interesting phenomenon that more or less occurred by accident.

When Stan built his new facility on South Boulder Road in 1980, he wanted a sign that provided some marquee space for little messages and advertising of specials, etc.

Sometime in the early 1980’s, he put a message up on the sign, the actual photo is shown above. This not only was a success with his wife, but it was a hit in the community as well.

Almost overnight, Stan’s’ started receiving similar requests for little messages on the sign. “Joey, get well soon, love Mom.” “Happy Anniversary Jane, love, Joe.” It soon became clear that the sign was a great tool for helping us here at Stan’s serve our community.

Numerous newspaper articles have been written about the sign, and it has received national media attention in both automotive industry magazines, and other magazine articles focusing on marketing techniques. Stan regularly uses images of his sign in marketing presentations made to other business owners across the country.

Who would have thought? In 1980 Stan used his sign to advertise oil change specials. In the time since, there have been wedding proposals, birth announcements, community messages, and more displayed. The style and colors have changed, but the sign will continue to belong to the community.

Do you have a message you’d like on the sign? If so, please submit the following information:

Due to aggressive SPAM campaigns against our sign request form, we have temporarily disabled the form.

If you have a message you’d like to have put on our sign, please CLICK HERE to send us an email with your message and the date you’d like to reserve.

Our sign has room for 48 characters, including spaces, so choose your message carefully!

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