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A few of our popular services
  • Volkswagen Repair

  • Volkswagen's often require specialized knowledge and training to properly service. Our Volkswagen Repair experts are qualified to perform the full range of VW repairs, no matter how complex.
  • Audi Service

  • Within our luxury auto specialty, our Audi Service team has experience with nearly every make and model of Lexus vehicles.
  • Volkswagen Service

  • We pride ourselves on offering the residents of Lafayette the best in Volkswagen Service. Our auto specialty shop offers everything from complex mechanical solutions to basic maintenance services.
  • Mini Repair

  • Need help keeping up with your MINI? It’s time for a trip to Stan's VW & Audi Repair. Let our Mini Repair experts get your vehicle running like new.


Peace of Mind - At no additional charge!

Remember back to the "good old days" when you pulled in to fill up at a service station? A bell would ring, and a jolly guy in a uniform would run out, pump your gas, check your oil, hoses, tire pressure, wash your windows, and then bring out the credit slip for you to sign? Well, that is exactly the kind of service that we strive to provide at Stan's. Customer service, with a capital "S," at Stan's Automotive-Where Home Town Meets High Tech.

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Customer Reviews
Fil B. from Lafayette, CO, whose Audi was in for an auto repair, on 5/20/2016:
"Simply put, you can trust them with your car repairs."
5 star rating

Michaela H. from Lafayette, CO, whose Audi was in for an auto repair service, on 7/19/2014:
"Stan's Automotive provides excellent service. Sometimes, as a sinlge woman, I dread the car maintenance/repair process. The folks at Stan's are always very friendly, courteous and make sure I understand what is being done. I feel they go above and beyond other auto repair shops. 5 stars!"
5 star rating


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  • Audi Repair
  • VW Repair

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