Meet The Staff

Meet Our Staff

Stan Elmore: Owner and Founder, ASE Certified Service Consultant, ASE certified parts specialist, AAM-accredited automotive manager, CPBA-certified professional behavioral analyst.

I think everyone “knows” who Stan is, but lets share more of his story and his family.

Stan was born in Dothan, Alabama and raised in Lake Wales, Florida. (If you listen closely you will catch his southern phrases from time to time) Stan moved to Lafayette in 1971 and finished high school at Lafayette High School, where he met his wife Donna.

Stan and Donna have married since 1972 and have three children. Curtis works for Advance Auto Parts, and is married with 3 children. Scott has resumed the helm at Stan's and along with his wife Heidi have a couple of daughters to help keep "Papa" busy. Carrie and her husband John, live in Texas with their son and daughter.

Starting in about 2010, Stan SLOWLY began the process toward a “semi-retire” lifestyle, and finished his final year on the ASE board in 2014. He served on the ASE board from 1997-2014, making him the longest serving member of this industry organization ever.

In his free time Stan enjoys working on the “farm” and keeping up on outdoor chores. He is also a pilot and enjoys getting up & out when he has the time to fly. Stan is an avid outdoorsman, and is passionate about conservation. He is actively involved with Pheasants Forever, Quail Forever, and Colorado Parks and Wildlife, supporting each in education and habitat programs throughout the state. Stan and Donna purchased some farmland in Southeastern Colorado in 2013, and they immediately dedicated the entire property to conservation efforts and habitat programs. Working with biologists and the previously mentioned organizations, Stan is helping to educate many others in this state and beyond about the benefits of proper land management practices—now and in the future!

Donna Elmore: a.k.a. Mom, wife, book keeper, accountant, and problem solver.
*(editor’s note: I thought is was appropriate for Stan to write this biographical sketch, the following is what he wrote.)

Donna, my bride since 1972, has always been there when I needed her. She has successfully mothered our three children into three successful adults and has helped grow Stan’s to where it is today. She is always available for any “emergencies” that should arise and works numerous hours away from the shop to keep the accounting side going.

I personally, and Stan’s in general face a lot of challenges each day, week, and month….we could probably not overcome them without Donna’s help. She travels with me to most of the trade shows and advisory meetings across the country. She too has developed friendships in the automotive industry. Whenever I think I have forgotten books, tapes, or papers, she has them there for me. She is a valuable asset and a loving wife.

In her spare time she enjoys gardening, reading, keeping up with the "farm", and spoiling all of her grandkids.

Scott Elmore: General Manager, ASE Certified Service Consultant

Scott rejoined the Stan's team in 2001, and has held various roles—but prefers to be called our JAG. Just Another Guy. If it needs done, he does it, because that’s how family and small business are supposed to work.

Scott has a B.S. degree in Legal Studies from Texas Wesleyan University. After 15 years practicing and teaching Respiratory Therapy, his wife Heidi “retired” to join us here in the office at Stan’s, and spend more time raising their two girls.

Scott and Heidi live in rural Weld County, where Scott is also a Deputy with the Weld County Sheriff’s office. In addition to the time spent with the Sheriff’s office, Heidi and Scott are passionate about their mission and humanitarian work that they do in Ecuador, where they spend as much time as their schedules, finances, and fundraising will allow. Follow their efforts and join them in support here: The Know-Love Project.

Scott's advice about your vehicle: "Find a repair facility that you can trust and stick with them! Working with a repair shop that knows your habits, your plans for your vehicle, and even when you are going on vacation, or having a baby, or sending a child off to college will invariably lead to more peace of mind for you! Consider it PERSONALIZED vehicle maintenance!"

Front Office Support

Greg Poland: ASE Certified Service Consultant

Greg came to Stan’s as a front counter service writer. It was evident quickly that Greg had more skills to service Stan’s in other ways. Greg moved back to our support staff where he took care of all book keeping and accounting functions with his knowledge from a A.S. in Human Resource Management and a B.S. in Business Management. Greg has been with Stan’s for nearly 10 years now and has recently taken on a service consultant position. He is an ASE Certified Service Consultant and continues to add value to the Stan’s team no matter where he is placed.

Greg is a Platteville resident, where he has lived for almost his entire life. He has been married to his wife Carmen since 1984 and they have one daughter, a great son-in-law, and two beautiful grandchildren.

Greg would like to run his own business one day and continues to work on his management skills at Stan’s with every challenge we throw him. He is a true asset to our team.

In his spare time Greg enjoys being outside. He likes to hunt, fish, and work in his yard. His family enjoys camping and fishing together whenever time allows them to get outdoors!

Greg’s Advice on your vehicle:
Use quality people to install quality parts and this will bring value to your investment.
Tidbit: In 5th grade Greg won the 50 yard dash, 5.3 seconds, setting a school record.
(he claims he can still do it, but we have never seen it)

Dallas Benter: ASE Certified Service Consultant, ASE Master L1 Technician

Dallas has been a fixture at Stan's since 1999. He left with Scott back in 2005 for the motorcycle shop experience, but returned to Stan's in 2009.

Dallas has a unique skill set in that he started his automotive career as a technician, rose through the ranks, then decided to put his tools down and learn the customer relations side of the automotive business.

His dual purpose training makes Dallas an invaluable asset to the team--anytime our technicians are up against a real puzzle, Dallas is quick to lend his diagnostic skills.

Dallas and his wife Shiloh live in Westminster and have one (grown) daughter.

In his spare time, Dallas enjoys riding his motorcycle and doing just about any activity that keeps him outside.

Joel Marsh : ASE Certified Service Consultant, ASE Master Machinist

Joel brought his experience of customer service and automotive machining to Stan's in 2012.

Joel opened his cylinder head machine shop in 1989. He has had a passion for engine machine work since he started driving. Joel has service experience with Ford, Jeep and General Motors. He has been a Scouter most of his life; Cub Scouts & Boy Scouts where he earned his Eagle Badge. He has served in the Boy Scouts as Assistant Scout Master and Merit Badge Counselor.

Joel moved his wife and three daughters to Colorado in 2006 and lives in Firestone. Joel enjoys spending time in the mountains, traveling with his family and playing games with his daughters whenever possible.


Trace Copple: ASE Certified Master Technician with L1 Advanced Certification

Trace is the longest tenured technician at Stan’s. He has been around long enough to see him grow from a young man to having two of his own children. Trace has been on the Stan’s team since 1991 and continues to grow with Stan’s year to year. Trace lives in Westminster with his wife Vikki and their two children, both now grown, with one done with college, and the other well on his way!

Trace packs a host of automotive training under his hat including EDGE training, OBD II Computer Diagnostic training, Dynamic Auto Diagnostics, Advanced Drivability training, and much more. Trace is a true success story at Stan’s, from starting as a tire/lube technician and becoming an extremely efficient and knowledgeable technician. Customers call for him by name at the counter and they know how “good” he is. Trace sees vehicles becoming more and more computerized and technical and ensures Stan’s keeps him up to date on training. According to Trace that is what helps him excel at Stan’s.

Trace enjoys practically anything involving the outdoors. He is an avid sportsman and enjoys hunting and other outdoor sports. He is family oriented and if not attending one of his kid's school functions, he's probably got them outside doing SOMETHING!

Trace’s advice on your vehicle:
Preventive maintenance saves money in the long run. If you maintain your car properly, it will be reliable and dependable for you. When it comes time for resale it will also retain more of its value.

Karsten Reece: ASE Certified Master Technician with L1 Advanced Certification

Hmmm…..where to start with this one. Karsten is a rare breed. Karsten has been on the Stan’s team since 2001 and has unparalleled enthusiasm for automotive repair. What started as a bit of a “phenom” hire for us has turned into an incredible long-term asset and member of the family. Karsten continues to be a great leader in the shop, and has taken on an instrumental role in helping us develop new and younger technicians.

Karsten received his ASE Master Certification at the age of 21 and he peaked the ASE certifications with his L1 designation at age 22. We could fill 2 pages with Karsten’s other training and certifications, but lets just suffice to say that Karsten is NOT a guy who turns down an opportunity to learn something.

Karsten and his wife Angela have 4 daughters who keep them busy when they are not busy at work and school. Like everyone in the Stan’s family Karsten enjoys spending time outdoors with his kids and watching them grow up.

Karsten is a Colorado native from the Lakewood area and basically moved further north to get out of the congestion down South. Karsten’s goals speak for themselves: To maintain 100% efficiency as a technician by continuing education as vehicles change with advanced computer controlled systems. He understands the importance of “being up to date” so he can keep YOU on the road in a reliable vehicle. Karsten’s Advice on your vehicle:

Preventive maintenance is less costly than repair. Develop trust in dedicated technicians and service facilities. Have them explain complicated information about your vehicle when necessary so you too have a better understanding about the issue.

Larry Jennings::ASE Certified Master Technician

Larry's first job was working for Mr. Slate as a Bronto crane operator at the Bedrock quarrel & gravel company. He later went to work for Henry Ford on his first assembly line. He was one of Readers Digest first subscribers when they first went to print in 1922. Larry has been a technician in the automotive industry since 1985. He has been an ASE Master Technician since 1992.

In his free time he enjoys spending time with his wife of 30+ years and his 2 daughters and their families which include 2 grandsons. He enjoys camping and fishing in the summer months and playing on a local pool league.

Larry is very old now. He enjoys Geritol and a high fiber diet.He recently subscribe to Life Alert. He doesn't know how he has gotten by without it now that he has it.

Keefe Neise: Lead Maintenance and Tire Technician

Keefe is a Colorado native and grew up here in the area. He is a high energy automotive enthusiast that has been with us since 2012 and we are glad to have him as part of our team. His first car was an Olds Cutlass which fueled his passion to pursue and automotive career. He completed in 2017 an intense alignment training through Specialty Products Company. He is working toward being an ASE master Technician and enjoys learning as much as he can about everything. He has been active in programs around Boulder County recently.

He enjoys working on his Olds Cutlass in his free time and taking his dogs to the local baseball fields to run around. He has told us that he enjoys working here because our focus is on the customer and not just about making money.

Jay Raulino: Lube, Maintenance and Tire Technician

Jay is a country kid from Massachusetts. We didn’t know such a thing existed! Jay grew up on a farm with lots of the usual animals, horses, dogs, cats, a goat, ducks and chickens—A regular ‘Ol Macdonald. He worked from a young age on a cattle ranch with his Dad.

From an early age, Jay was a tinkerer. He was always the one fixing bikes and lawnmowers, then ATVs and cars. Jay moved to Colorado in 2007 to help his mother with her horse business. With some family in the Golden area, they had visited a few times and enjoyed Colorado.

Jay and his mom live on a farm property in the Longmont area, and when he’s not busy here, Jay stays busy there. Just like it’s always been, he helps the landowner with fixing stuff, staying busy, and smiling. Jay is always smiling, and we are glad to have him on the team!

Thomas Richard: ASE Certified Technician

With so many potential career directions in today's world it's difficult for young people to decide where they belong. Thomas, one of our technicians, joined Stan’s Automotive at the start of 2015 and no longer had that problem. Entered into the industry learning from the best as an apprentice of first Karsten then Larry. Still works closely with them and the rest of them team.

Thomas was born and raised here in Louisville. Not the shortest of our technicians at 6’7” he’ll try to remember where you had your seat. He recently got engaged and scored a big husky puppy out of the deal too. Howie is his fiancé’s service dog.

In his spare time Thomas builds and races Subaru rally cars. To excel in rally competition takes more than driving skill. It requires an understanding of what makes a tough reliable machine that can withstand the abusive nature of the sport and to anticipate the inevitable repairs. No Subaru ever drives into Stan's without catching his eye.

Thomas' advice for your vehicle:
"Pay attention to and get to know your vehicle and you’ll seldom be surprised. Above all, be safe by keeping your vehicle safe. Don't forget to watch your tire pressures."

Austin Longmore:

Austin graduated in 2015 from Wyotech with a 4.0 GPA in chassis fabrication and went to work for Ford shortly after. Austin came to us in 2016 and joined our apprentice program looking to advance in an automotive career. He enjoys his free time working on race cars as well as playing music on his bass and piano. He also enjoys hiking, rock climbing and an occasional concert.

He graduated to technician status in 2017 and we are proud to have him on our team.

Back Office Support

Guillermo Guitteriez: Shop Helper

Guillermo has been a member of the team since 2001. "Mo" is our all around maintenance, fix-it, clean it man. So far, we haven't found a task that he couldn't find a way to tackle.

Guillermo is constantly busy doing something. In addition to being responsible for vacuuming and washing the windows of every vehicle we service, Mo takes pride in keeping the landscaping and parking lot clean, keeping the shop in order, and just being there when we need an extra pair of hands! Mo and his wife live with their children in Longmont.

Ron Cardenas: Maintenance / Greeter

Ron joined the Stan's crew in 2008, but he's certainly no stranger to us, nor to much of the community. Interestingly enough, Ron was a customer of Stan and Donna's when they ran a little gas station in Erie in the early 1970's. When Stan opened the automotive shop, Ron and his wife Delores were among Stan's first customers.

Ron retired, and to quote him, "I need something to do when I'm not fishing!" He's been a great addition to the team, and keeps everyone moving when he's not busy driving.

Ron and his wife have been active in the community for years, especially helping around the various schools and sports leagues in Erie.